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    Our Story

    We've been friends for many years, through jobs and boyfriends, marriages, children, deaths and businesses.  However, living on opposite coasts, it's been literally years since we got together to talk about our lives, our dreams.  In fact it was in Soho in 2005.

    This time we decide to meet at a coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the new center of the Universe for hip professionals and young families desiring the chic, trendiness of Manhattan but with open spaces and less traffic.  We want to discuss creating a new business together.


    I spot her almost two blocks away.  Her walk, her style, her aura all seem so familiar, but what is that gossamer jewel toned banner fluttering in the breeze?  It's a new scarf she's wearing, transforming her simple outfit into a work of art. "That scarf is pure art", I said as she sat down at the wrought iron table embellished with a small bouquet of daisies and violets and two lattes.  "Yes", she said, "it is art.  Art is anything that moves one emotionally and unexpectedly".   At that moment, I had a flash of insight.  We will search for the most beautiful and artistic scarves and create a website to market them.  Each scarf must be a work of art.

    In creating this company, we have many people to thank, and that is why we are Grateful Girls!  We wish to express our appreciation to the artists, the web designers, the manufacturers and all the folks that we work with to bring you our hand picked favorite looks in scarves and accessories.  

    And, we are grateful to you, the visitor to our website. Our desire is to bring you the joy of discovering and sharing our special treasures.